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Scalar — A Free-to-attend Scala Conference

 Warsaw, Poland

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Mathias Doenitz


Generalist with a nerdy streak and a weakness for solving problems with software. Currently into Scala (a lot).

Among many other things Mathias is the original author of, which was acquired by Typesafe in 2013. As a long-time and active member of the Java and Scala open-source communities he is especially excited about everything performance-, scalability- and web-related.

Amira Lakhal


Amira is an Agile Java Scala developer at Valtech France. She is passionate about functional languages and Big Data. She is one of the Duchess France leaders where she helps women in IT to became role models.

Eric Torreborre


I am a software developer living in Berlin, working for Zalando.

I am the creator of the specs2 library for software specifications in Scala. Scala has has been my gateway drug to functional programming and to many "unknown unknowns". When I manage to go from "unknown unknowns" to "known knowns" I try to spread the word.

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Organized by

Andrzej Ludwikowski

Michał Chmielarz

Daniel Kos

Krzysztof Grajek

Jacek Kunicki

Jan Zborowski

Adam Warski

Małgorzata Wojciechowska

Sylwia Górska

Bartek Andrzejczak

Łukasz Żuchowski

Katarzyna Leszczynśka-Bohdan