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Scalar — The Stream[ Scala ] of knowledge

 Warsaw, Poland

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Only 100 zł + VAT (about 28 euro/31 USD)

This year we are introducing a small registration fee to cover the additional costs of a 2-day conference. In return, we'll deliver the best Scalar so far!

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Call for papers

Open until Jan 31st 2017. We’ll accept speakers on a rolling basis.

We are looking for anything that you think might be interesting for a wider audience and that is Scala related. Maybe you are using Scala in a novel way? Or you wrote an interesting open-source library? Have an experience report from a project you are working on? Or maybe you just want to show what can be done with the Scala language and existing Scala tools.

Our main goal is to start some interesting discussions during the breaks and the after party, and inspire people to explore Scala and the Scala ecosystem later at home. Hence we are aiming at 30-minute presentations.

We are also looking for longer workshop-style submissions. Advanced workshops will run in parallel to beginner sessions and vice versa, and should take about 90 minutes.

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Dave Gurnell


Dave is a developer, trainer, and partner at Underscore. He has spent over a decade creating software using functional programming, and has authored and co-authored several books about Scala. His current projects include taking short trips in his space ship and creating synthesizers using cats.

Heiko Seeberger


Heiko Seeberger is Fellow at codecentric and an internationally renowned expert on Scala and Akka. He has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and software development. Heiko tweets under @hseeberger and blogs under

Paweł Szulc


Pawel Szulc is primarily a programmer. Always was and always will be. Experienced professionally in JVM ecosystem, currently having tons of fun with Scala and Haskell. Humble apprentice of Functional Programming. Runs a blog

George Leontiev


George is an engineer at SoundCloud where he's taking care of highload systems that power user feeds, notifications, and social interaction graph. In his spare time he likes exploring the world of type-level programming and does distance running.

Gabriele Petronella


Gabriele is co-founder of buildo, where he's a software engineer, working with Scala, JavaScript and Swift. He founded the Scala User Group in Milan and he's an organizer of Scala Italy, the Italian conference on Scala. He holds a MSc in Computer Engineer from Politecnico di Milano and a MSc in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago, where he also worked as a Research Assistant. In the - rare - free time, you'll find him on a plane or at the basketball court.

Piotr Guzik


Piotr Guzik - Big Data Engineer @Allegro and Consultant @GetInData. I am using Spark Streaming, Kafka and Scala during my daily work. From time to time I am a speaker at conferences and workshops. In my free time enjoy travelling around the world with my fiancee and camera.

Daniela Sfregola


Daniela Sfregola is a Software Consultant based in London, UK. She has worked as Java developer before moving towards Scala. She is an active contributor to the Scala Community and a passionate blogger

Jan Pustelnik


Technical Architect at GFT Poland and Lecturer at the University of Łódź by day, sporadic akka project contributor by night. Interested in how software works on low level, he does not find big frameworks appealing. This is the main reason why he loves Scala, a very expressive language that allows one to build right abstractions quickly without losing control over details. Jan is an active member of JUG Łódź and occasional conference speaker. Currently he is busy with a Big Data project for one of major investment banks. In his spare time he loves to dust-off some old issue of computer science journal only to find out that everything has already been invented before he even was born.

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Organized by

Andrzej Ludwikowski

Jan Zborowski

Adam Warski

Małgorzata Wojciechowska

Sylwia Górska

Łukasz Żuchowski

Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Bohdan

Ida Bzowska