Dear Scalarians, to make the most out of the event make sure you...

  1. Register on Evenea.
  2. Join our Slack and check out our channels #announcements, #help, #random, #talks.
  3. Join youtube for live streaming and zoom for Q&A sessions after the talks (both links will be posted on Slack in the morning).
  4. Join Hopin for networking sessions. We’ve sent a password to the event to your inbox).
  5. Check out our website.
  6. Enjoy the conference! <3
  7. Fill out the feedback form (we’ll send it to your inbox).

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More Details

  1. Registration

    The price of a ticket is ~$10. Get a ticket via Evenea. Tickets will be available until 14 May 2020 (Thursday).

  2. Slack

    • General information about the conference will be posted on the #announcements channel.
    • The #talks channel is for general discussions about the talks. Please “thread” replies as it will let us keep the conversations organized. Check the “pinned” messages for important high-level announcements.
    • The #help channel is dedicated to troubleshooting and resolving any technical issues you might be having. If you can’t reach us on Slack write to us:
    • The #networking-sessions channel is dedicated to any questions about the networking sessions.
  3. Talks

    • Participants can watch presentations on youtube - link posted on Slack.
    • We kindly ask you to post questions and comments to the Q&A session during a talk on youtube chat.
    • Additional Q&A sessions after the talks will be held on zoom - link posted on Slack.
    • After the conference, video recordings of the talks will be available on YouTube.
  4. Networking

    • The social part of Scalar always gives us lots of fun and this time we’ll try to experience at least part of it online :)
    • The social part will be held on Hopin - Sessions. Register using the password we’ve sent to your inbox.
    • If you’re getting 500 error try navigating to hopin’s homepage and back to the registration page.
    • For the best Hopin experience, we recommend Chrome or Firefox. Please avoid Brave, Safari, and Microsoft IE or Edge.
    • For random hallway discussions go to one of the Hopin Sessions (hallway, bar, chill-out zone, lunch bar).
    • For facilitated networking, take part in one of the organized sessions:

      • Pub Quiz: Wheel of Scala Fortune
      • Team up with 4 other people and answer questions about Scala and the community. Get a chance to win #PartyParrot & Scalar gadgets and a discount for Akka Typed Fundamentals Training.

      • Unconference
      • Fill out the survey and suggest any topic you’d like to discuss. Join one of the sessions around the topic and have fun!

    • After joining a particular session, you need to click the “Enable audio and video” button (on the top right of the Session) to join a discussion on your camera. There is a limit of people who can be on cameras at the same time.
    • You can also take part in the Session as a viewer (watch the discussion and write in Session chat).
  5. Networking - Pub Quiz (5-6 PM JST | 10-11 AM CEST | 4-5 AM EDT)

    Join an online Pub Quiz: Wheel of Scala Fortune. Team up with 4 other participants and answer questions about programming in Scala, Scala community and SoftwareMill 😀 The best team wins #PartyParrot and Scalar themed gadgets + 50% discount for the Akka Typed Fundamentals online training.

  6. Networking - Unconference (10-11 PM JST | 3-4 PM CEST | 9-10 AM EDT)

    We invite you to join an online Unconference which will be a great opportunity to meet other people and discuss any topics that spark your interest 🤩

    How does it work?

    • You suggest a topic by filling out this survey.
    • We group those topics so that you can form groups around similar topic areas.
    • During the event we discuss the topics you chose using Sessions (similar to zoom rooms) on hopin.

  7. The network is the most critical part

    • Use the best Internet connection you can - if possible use wire.
    • Avoid other activities that will steal bandwidth. Don’t start other bandwidth-intensive activities just before, or during, a Session. On your device — and as much as possible, on other computers and devices that share your Internet connection—avoid: large downloads and uploads, streaming video (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube), cloud backups (e.g. Carbonite, CrashPlan).

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